Ceo's Message

Today, the quality of food along with the health and safety of consumers is known as a basic need to maintain competitive position and economic survival of production and packaging places of meat products and food protein, especially for restaurants and food and food cooking environments. Manufacturers of meat products and ready-to-use proteins, relying on the technical and practical power of their trained forces and continuous improvement in operational processes, try to prepare products for easy, optimal, attractive and high-quality consumption using clean and health environment implementation and as one of their goals and consider their main objectives in the following cases: 1- Safety and assurance and providing healthy products for all consumers 2- Dynamics and continuous improvement of products in all fields 3- Timely delivery of products in accordance with customer orders 4- Improving the quality and safety of the health of products and produced is one of the main goals of the manufacturer.


1- Seriousness in the work and in all matters related to the production of the product

2- The most important criterion of competence and competence of knowledge and innovation and education staff is based on the needs of each of them.

3- The necessity of updating the information of meat products, proteins and raw materials consumed in their field of work

4- Coordination and coherence in all work cases between managers and persons

5- Responsibility, honesty, trustworthiness and participation of the management and persons of the covenant are unbreakable.

6- Improving the satisfaction level of all customers and employees


1- Raising market share for products in the city of Beautiful Island of Kish and even other cities

2- Providing products and merrinet with new and distinctive flavors related to customers' tastes, therefore, implementing quality management system and food safety and health system based on the standards defined in its agenda and in order to serve customers better as well as safety and health of products, considers the following general principles. :

1- Providing customers' demands

2- Continuous communication with customers and using their revised opinions

3- Implementing the quality culture and health of products along with creating a culture of monitoring the supply of healthy meat and protein products for small and large fists (restaurants and hotels, etc. As the first executive base.